Boston College Coaching Candidate Profile: Michigan Assistant Howard Eisley

A former Boston College and NBA player, could Eisley turn around his alma mater?
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Boston College fired head coach Jim Christian on Monday after seven seasons with the Eagles. As the coaching search begins, we will break down each potential candidate, from the realistic to the reaches. In this post, we will look at former BC guard and current Michigan assistant Howard Eisley.

Name: Howard Eisley
Age: 48
Born and Raised: Detroit, Michigan
Playing Career: Boston College
Previous Experience: Assistant with Wizards, Clippers and Knicks before becoming an assistant with Michigan in 2019.
Connections to Boston College: Boston College graduate and former player.

Pros: If Boston College wants to go for the fast rising young assistant coach, like they did with Jeff Hafley, then Eisley could fit that bill. Eisley, only 48 years of age has coached for the previous few years on a Michigan program that has become one of the premier basketball teams in the country. He has already grown a solid reputation as a strong recruiter for the Wolverines, and based on history knows Boston College and the limitations and challenges that would face him. Getting a name that is linked to some big moments in BC basketball history would also energize some of the fanbase, something that desperate is needed in the program.

Cons: Has zero head coaching experience. This is a big risk heading into this coaching search, because Boston College is a program that needs an immediate boost. Bringing in a coach that has yet to face those challenges might mean some bumps in the road. Is Boston College at that point to be ready for that? Not sure that they are.

Other Factors: There are some unknowns here for Eisley that might give Boston College pause. Yes, he has been part of putting together some great Michigan teams, but how much of that is because of his work, and how much is due to Juwan Howard or other assistants on the staff. That might be hard to parse out, and something BC may need to consider.

Odds: Medium.  This all depends on what road Boston College wants to go. If Patrick Kraft wants to win now, Eisley seems like a bit of a risky situation. But if they want to try and get on the ground floor with an assistant that could become the next big head coach, Eisley could be their man.

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