Boston College Coaching Candidate Profile: St. Bonaventure Head Coach Mark Schmidt

A look at a name that is gaining a lot of traction, Mark Schmidt the head coach of St. Bonaventure
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Boston College fired head coach Jim Christian on Monday after seven seasons with the Eagles. As the coaching search begins, we will break down each potential candidate, from the realistic to the reaches. In this post, we will look at St. Bonaventure head coach Mark Schmidt.

Name:  Mark Schmidt
Age: 58
Born and Raised: North Attleboro, Massachusetts
Playing Career: Boston College
Previous Experience: Assistant at Loyola, Xavier, Saint Michaels and Penn State. Head coach at St. Bonaventure (2007-present) and Robert MorrisConnections to Boston College: Boston College graduate (1985)

Pros: Mentioned this multiple times, but when looking at Boston College you have to consider the profile of the program. It is low, considered to be one of the least desirable programs in any Power 5 conference. Mark Schmidt already has experience fixing a school like that. When he arrived in St. Bonaventure almost 15 years ago, the program was a disaster, and a bottom dweller in the A10. Since then, he's brought the Bonnies into the mix consistently in the conference along with two tournament appearances. He also is a graduate, knows the school and the area. If BC wants a coach with experience fixing a program, with ties to the school, Schmidt may be the safest pick.

Cons: Schmidt lacks the "wow" factor that Boston College needs to make in this hire. One of the biggest problems BC has is the complete lack of interest not only by the students but the fanbase. Regardless of his success, Schmidt would feel Jim Christian-esque, another mid-level coach that has done reasonably well in a good conference, but nothing that would immediately spark interest in the program.

Odds: Medium to High. Have said  that Boston College is going to need to bring in a coach with head coaching experience to fix this program, Schmidt checks off all the boxes to do that, even if it is a little safe.

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