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Boston College vs. UMass: Grading the Eagles

Wrapping up our conversation on Saturday's game with a handful of grades.

On Saturday, Boston College slipped by UMass 45-28 in a game that was markedly close at times. Here are our grades for the game.


Phil Jurkovec left the game in the first quarter, leading to Dennis Grosel taking over the offense. He did an excellent job throwing for over 200 yards and moving the ball seamlessly. The moniker "best backup quarterback in the ACC" is a title he rightly deserves as the offense didn't really seem to skip a beat under his direction. While everyone would love to see Jurkovec return, Grosel should still keep BC in every game.  Grade A

Running Back

Alec Sinkfield got his first start of his Boston College career, rushing the ball 13 times for 50 yards and a touchdown. The real revelation in this game was Patrick Garwo who looked explosive, rushing the ball 15 times for 164 yards. It seems like Hafley is trying to figure out who is the best fit in this offense. He tried Travis Levy in week one as the starter and it didn't work out, Sinkfield wasn't consistent either. You have to wonder if Garwo will be the starter against Temple. Grade A

Wide Receivers

This was a relatively quiet game for BC's vaunted group of receivers. Zay Flowers had a pair of big catches, but didn't see much action, on top of the injury scare. CJ Lewis only had a catch, Jaden Williams had three catches. Jehlani Galloway had a drop in the end zone, but to be fair that wasn't the best thrown ball either. Grade B

Tight Ends

Trae Barry was one of the offensive MVPs of the game, scoring on a 44 yard touchdown pass from Grosel. Joey Luchetti almost had a disastrous takeaway on a bobble, that was luckily dropped by UMass. Even with that mistake, BC's tight ends had a strong game. Grade A-

Offensive Line

Thought the offensive line played really well in both facets of the game. The rushing attack had huge holes, while Grosel avoided getting sacked the entire game. Don't believe they were called for any penalties as well. Grade A

Defensive Line

There wasn't much to be positive about here. Brady Olson never felt much pressure through the game, and the line kept giving UMass free yards with pre-snap penalties. The interior had a few nice stops, including a big tackle by TJ Rayam. Grade C-



Kam Arnold had his first career start at linebacker and made it count leading the Eagles with tackles. Isaiah Graham Mobley looked quick out there too, but there were a number of plays that the middle of the field was wide open. Grade: C-


Penalties, broken coverages and mistakes all over the place. Definitely the most concerning aspect of a poor defensive performance because there was so much hype around this group. Josh DeBerry and Brandon Sebastian each had an interception, but as a group they are going to need to play much better when they hit the ACC play. Grade: D

Special Teams

Travis Levy giveth, Travis Levy taketh away. The BC returner had a brutal fumble on a punt that gave UMass the ball on the one yard line and allowed the Minutemen to stay around. But moments later he returned a kickoff return for a touchdown. Danny Longman had another kick go out of bounds, but hit all his kicks. Grade C-


The play of the defense was certainly worrisome, but some of the play calling was by design. BC went with simple man to man and some zone and dared UMass to beat them. Didn't see anything exotic, and that was clearly on purpose, Hafley clearly is trying to hide as much of his playbook as he can until the bigger games hit. That being said, there was a lot he self admits that he was upset about. The carelessness and penalties are all going to be things that his staff will be hammering the team about during practice this week. Grade C


It's easy to get disheartened when a team like UMass sticks around, but let's see how this team responds against Temple, a team the Eagles are multiple score favorites against. The offense looked strong, even without Jurkovec, but the defense and special teams have a lot to clean up. Grade C

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