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Boston College vs. UMass: Three Stars

Staff Writer Mitchell Wolfe hands out three stars to some impressive offensive players from Boston College's surprisingly stressful victory over UMass.

The Boston College Eagles struggled in their second game of the season against the UMass Minutemen. BC ultimately pulled out the victory despite some sloppy mistake on defense in special teams. They also weathered injuries to their two most dynamic players, Phil Jurkovec and Zay Flowers. This was a bizarre game, chock full of missed tackles, fumbles, tipped balls, and terrible streaming options. But at the end of the day, the Eagles are 2-0, and we have some stars to hand out. 

Third Star - Dennis Grosel: 11 completions, 14 attempts, 199 yards, 1 TD; 5 carries, 15 yards, 1 TD

Frankly, anytime Dennis Grosel plays before the fourth quarter is concerning. But there are few backup quarterbacks in college football that are more trustworthy than Grosel. He came in and operated the offense efficiently, only misfiring on three passes. 

It wasn’t his Virginia performance from last year, but Grosel protected the ball and even added a beautiful touchdown to Trae Barry (more on him later). If Grosel has to play for an extended amount of time, it lowers the ceiling for this team. However, against an inferior opponent like UMass, he was able to pull out the win. Hopefully, Jurkovec will be ready to go against Temple next week. But if he isn't, BC fans should not be concerned with Grosel at the helm. 

Second Star - Patrick Garwo: 15 carries, 160 yards (10.7 YPC)


Put simply, this was the Patrick Garwo we’ve been waiting for. Last week against Colgate, he was effectively third on the depth chart; he parleyed his four carries into 29 yards and a touchdown. But this week, as BC made it a point to get the run game going, Garwo exploded onto the scene.

It was a bit of an all-or-nothing game for him, but there was certainly more feast than famine. Garwo ripped off runs of 42, 36, 33, and 21 yards. The entire running back room played well, with Alec Sinkfield and Travis Levy scoring a touchdown apiece. Garwo sadly did not get in the end zone, but here’s hoping he can continue his streak of solid play. With Levy starting the opener and Sinkfield starting this game, Garwo might get the start next week against the Temple Owls. 

First Star - Trae Barry: 5 catches, 98 yards (19.6 YPC), 1 TD

If we were doing stars for the season thus far, Trae Barry would surely make the list and perhaps even take the top spot again. Barry led BC in receiving yards against the Minutemen. He added another long touchdown on a play that looked eerily similar to his score against Colgate (minus the hurdle).

But Barry didn’t stop there, making multiple clutch catches, including a bobbling snag on 3rd & 9 to extend BC’s final drive. It was great to see him still produce even without his starting quarterback in the game. He’s been an absolute star for BC this season and should continue to be a major factor in the passing game. Barry could be well on his way to matching Hunter Long's production from last season.