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Wake Forest 41 Boston College 10: Observations of Offense

A look at the offense in yesterday's loss against Wake Forest

On Saturday, Wake Forest clinched the ACC Atlantic with a 41-10 thrashing of the Boston College Eagles at home. Here are some observations of the Eagles offense. 

* The offense was a complete mess on Saturday, and there could be multiple factors to point to. After the game Jeff Hafley mentioned that the Eagles were not able to practice on Wednesday, and Thursday, while earlier in the week he confirmed that quarterback Phil Jurkovec was playing at around 50%. Those factors are massive when game planning for a number of reasons, and could have been part of the reason the Eagles struggled so mightily. 

* That being said, the offensive gameplan did the Eagles no favors. the offense was limited to what seemed to be  running back runs, quarterback options or long passes. 

* Jurkovec was clearly not himself, but why he relied on the deep throw was perplexing. The junior quarterback only attempted 11 throws, of which 7 went 15+ yards and he only completed one of those passes. On the afternoon, Jurkovec only tried ONE pass from 5-14 yards. BC has to figure out something shorter for the quarterback to complete. If the goal of this offense is to just have Jurkovec "huck it deep", they are setting themselves up for failure nine times out of ten, but especially when he isn't close to 100%.

* The offensive line was not good in pass protection against Wake Forest. They let up three sacks and Jurkovec was pressured for most of the game. They fared a bit better in run protection, but another underwhelming performance by a group that underperformed all season. 

* The blind side block call on Jurkovec was a terrible call. The Wake Forest defender was facing the quarterback when he got hit, so it's hard to say he was defenseless. Not to say that changed the course of the game, clearly Wake was the better team, but certainly put BC on tilt. But what Zay Flowers did on that play was pretty special, too bad it didn't stick.


* The second half was one of the worst halves of BC football that we have seen under Jeff Hafley. The Eagles had ten yards total, and the offense was completely dysfunctional, unable to move the ball against a Wake Forest defense that was not very good on paper. In a game in which they were still in it, this was a disheartening way to see the season end. 

* Congratulations to Pat Garwo III who eclipsed the 1000 yard mark for the season. He did an excellent job of becoming the every down back this season. Thought BC might have less of a reliance on a back like Garwo, but was very wrong. 

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