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The Four Games that will Determine BYU's NY6 Chances

At least three of these four games need to go the Cougars' way to keep their slim NY6 hopes alive

On Tuesday, we updated BYU's path to a NY6 Bowl. In that article, we outlined four teams that would be competing with BYU for an at-large spot: Michigan State, Oklahoma, Baylor, and Ole Miss (only if Alabama were to lose to Georgia in the SEC championship). 

On Thursday night, BYU's NY6 chances took a hit when Ole Miss locked in its NY6 spot with a win over Mississippi State.

Tyler Allgeier vs Virginia

BYU's NY6 hopes are riding on four games. While these games can't guarantee BYU a spot (see BYU's updated path to a NY6 Bowl for more details), they can officially shut the door on BYU's chances if they don't go the Cougars' way.

Without further ado, here are four games that will determine BYU's NY6 chances.

1. #13 BYU at USC


Time: Saturday @ 8:30 PM MST

Obviously, BYU would be disqualified from NY6 contention with a loss to USC on Saturday.

Next, the Cougars need at least two of these three games to go their way to keep their NY6 dreams alive.

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2. Penn State at #12 Michigan State


Time: Saturday @ 1:30 PM MST

BYU's NY6 chances would increase substantially with a Penn State win over Michigan State. Without it, it's hard to find a path to a NY6 bowl for BYU. This is the most important non-BYU game of the weekend.

Friday afternoon update: According to Brett McMurphy, Michigan State will be without "20 players, including possibly 6-8 starters against Penn State Saturday." The Spartans are dealing with a an outbreak of the flu and a "rash of injuries."

3. #10 Oklahoma at #7 Oklahoma State


Time: Saturday @ 5:30 PM MST

An Oklahoma State win (and preferably a convincing win) could knock Oklahoma below BYU in the race for the final at-large spot. That's not guaranteed, however, as that would only be Oklahoma's second loss.

4. Texas Tech at #8 Baylor


Time: Saturday @ 10:00 AM MST

A Texas Tech upset over Baylor would give the Bears a third loss that could knock the them out of NY6 contention.