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Navy Insider: Midshipmen to Start More Senior QB Against BYU

I sat down with Todd Karpovich who covers Navy for the Associate Press.

BYU and Navy are counting down the days until they kick off on Labor Day. The game represents a massive opportunity for both football programs - Kirk Herbstreit and Rece Davis will be on the call for what should be the most viewed BYU game in independence

I had a chance to sit down with Todd Karpovich who covers the Ravens for Sports Illustrated and Navy for the Associated Press. Stay tuned throughout the coming days for more of my interview with Todd. 


First, I wanted to ask Todd about the reaction of Navy fans when they found out BYU would be on their schedule:

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"Well there was a lot of disappointment about the Notre Dame game being cancelled because Notre Dame was actually going to come to Navy for I think the first time. The game is usually played at Notre Dame or a neutral site so there was some disappointment there, but I think the BYU game created buzz because of the connections with coach Ken...and it's a big-time opponent...Navy was very excited to get BYU on the schedule."

Navy is coming off a fantastic 2019 season where they finished in the top 25 with an 11-2 record. On whether he thinks Navy will be able to carry that momentum forward into 2020, Karpovich said, "I think it's going to be tough to carry that momentum into 2020 because they [Navy] lost their top playmaker, Malcom Perry, who was drafted by the Miami Dolphins. His backup was sophmore Perry Olsen but he lost the job to to Dalen Morris who is a senior...with the way camp was condensed and no spring practice you'd like to have an experienced guy back there." 

Even with Morris' experience, the Navy offense is still "a big unknown." Karpovich notes that such questions are "rare for Navy cause they run the triple option. It's a very intricate offense and that will be a big variable against BYU. "

So who is Dalen Morris and what does he bring to the table for Navy?

"Dalen Morris is just a really good athlete. He can keep the ball, he can pitch it, and he can throw the ball if needed..I think they feel more comfortable, at least during the early part of the season, with a senior at quarterback."