BYU Football AP Top 25 Breakdown

Joe Wheat

Say it with me Cougar fans: Brigham is 6-0. Kalani’s squad remains undefeated following a 52-14 beat down of Texas State, and the AP voters continue to take notice. The Cougars crept closer to cracking the AP top 10, moving up one spot to No. 11 in Sunday’s poll. Here’s how the 62 voters cast their ballots, and where BYU fit in:

1-5: 2 voters (3 last week)

6-10: 20 voters (12 last week)

11-15: 37 voters (43 last week)

16-20: 3 voters (3 last week)

21-25: 0 voters (1 last week)

BYUs highest rank: 4

BYUs lowest rank: 18

A pollsters take on BYU’s place:

AP voter Josh Furlong ranked the Cougars 13th, up two spots from last week’s ballot. Here is his take on BYU’s place in his poll:

“Penn State lost and Oregon hasn’t played yet, so [I’m] trying to balance current resumes with projections. BYU is in a tricky spot – Really good team, but how do they compare to others around them? But they are still winning.”

BYU and the BIG10 Return

Even with the BIG 10 returning to play, BYU continues to move up. Even though the polls have included the BIG 10 for over a month, it was going to be interesting to see if any week 1 style overreactions would creep into week 8’s poll. Those overreactions didn’t seem to affect BYU much at all, which says a lot about how good this BYU team is in the minds of pollsters.

Who or How?

It’s a question that rivals the great mysteries of human existence: Is it who you beat or how you beat them? For now, it seems, the pollsters answer is “how.” BYU jumped Miami in the poll following Miami’s lack luster 19-14 win over ACC foe Virginia (1-4), showing that a P5 win isn't necessarily a good win if you don't look good doing it.  

BYUs New Best Friend

BYU has a ranked opponent on the schedule. Boise St checked in at No. 25 in the polls after drubbing Utah State 42-13, setting the scene for an epic November 6th matchup. 12 days folks… 12 days. 

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