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BYU Football: Blackout Uniforms Nominated for Uniform of the Year

BYU was 1 of 18 teams whose uniform was nominated for uniform of the year.

UNISWAG nominated 18 different college football uniforms for the 2020 college football uniform of the year - BYU's blackout uniform made the cut. The winning uniform will be decided by fan vote - you can vote for BYU's blackout uniform here. Voting does not require signing in and takes about 30 seconds. 


Following a blowout victory over North Alabama in November, BYU surprised both fans and players when it announced the return of the blackout uniforms for a December showdown against San Diego State. The players were notified when Matt Bushman, who suffered a season-ending injury during Fall camp, revealed the uniform in the locker room following the win over North Alabama.

The fans were notified with the following tweet:

During the 2020 season, we interviewed one dozen BYU recruits who weighed in on their favorite uniform combinations. The blackout combination came in second behind only the royal whiteout combination. If there was one learning that come from our (albeit small) survey, it was that variety is the best uniform policy.

Some fans are pro royal, others are pro navy. The same goes for the players and recruits. Every single uniform combination received at least one vote in the survey. In my opinion, eliminating one color would take away the excitement that comes with variety. As William Cowper said, "Variety is the spice of life."

Overall, there were more votes for royal than navy. However, it was a fairly even split between the two - about 60% of the votes were for royal uniforms. Exactly half of the recruits selected at least one royal and one navy combination in their top three.

Based on what we saw from BYU in 2020, variety seems to be the policy moving forward.

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