BYU Football Commit Raider Damuni Updates His Recruitment

Casey Lundquist

You can watch the second half of this interview below:

Raider Damuni is a BYU commit whose recruitment has taken off over the past couple years. Most recently, Damuni received an offer from the University of Oregon. I had a chance to catch up with Raider and get an update on his recruitment.

A few weeks ago, I broke down Raider's film. Here are a few things that stand out:


The first thing that stands out is Damuni's versatility. On the first few snaps, Damuni lines up at Safety, Cornerback, Kick Returner, and Wide Receiver. Damuni even plays Quarterback in his full highlight - you can check out his full highlight below. Damuni possesses the athleticism to excel at various positions. His combination of size, speed, and physicality make him an ideal Safety prospect.

Open Field Tackling

Tackling in the open field isn't always flashy, but Damuni's ability to tackle in the open field stands out on film. Damuni is capable of coming downhill and putting opponents on their back; however, he remains disciplined - his eyes and hips are in the right spot which allows him to maintain his balance and make tackles.

Ball Skills

There is a difference between having reliable hands and good ball skills - Damuni has both. Damuni's ball skills allow him to track the football in the air. That sounds simple, but it's extremely difficult to do. In man coverage, a Cornerback's main priority is (obviously) to stick with the receiver throughout the route. Damuni is able to defend the route and turn his head around to make a play on the ball. You might have to watch Damuni's full highlight below to see a few examples of what I'm talking about.

Damuni tells Sports Illustrated that college coaches like two things most about his game: First, they love his versatility, being able to switch back and forth between Corner and Safety. Second, they like how he is able to find the ball in the air.

Damuni's abilities would give him the opportunity to contribute early in his career at BYU.

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