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BYU Football Signee Jacques Wilson on His Relationship with Coach Gilford

Jacques Wilson is a JUCO CB who signed with BYU as part of the 2020 recruiting class.

Jacques Wilson is a JUCO CB who signed with BYU as part of the 2020 recruiting class. Wilson just finished his associates degree at West Los Angeles Community College and will be moving to Provo next week. Wilson also had offers from Hawaii and Utah State before committing to BYU.

You can watch the second half of my interview with Jacques Wilson here.

On his relationship with Coach Gilford, Wilson said, "When he first came to Alexander High School, that's where I went to high school, he told me things about BYU that were very surprising. They're very disciplined, they're very organized, they want to you to succeed not just on the football field but on paperwork and in school...I didn't know anything about BYU. My grades weren't the best going out of high school so when he came to me at West LA he gave me some more information I said 'Wow, this is surprising.' It was very interesting so I had to come down and see it for myself."

"[Coach Gilford] is kind of like a friend...he's been a friend and a person that's always been there. When nobody was recruiting me, he was always there.{Coach Gilford would ask] what did you learn today about football or in class. He just asked me today, 'have you been doing your paperwork to fulfill the requirements for BYU?' He's on my head, he's tough, but he's a true friend and mentor to me."

On his first impression of BYU and why he decided to sign with the Cougars, Wilson said, "BYU was filled with nothing but love and genuine love. You could feel genuine love. Provo had a unique thing about them, I've never been outside of Los Angeles to experience things, but when I was in Provo it was a dream come true...One thing I'm big on is love, you know, how do you treat others? And BYU treated me like I was family when I first got off the plane. Not just for football but as a human being."

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