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BYU Football Signee Terence Fall Details His Journey from France to Provo

Terence Fall is a French native who signed with BYU as part of the 2020 recruiting class.

Terence Fall is a French native who signed with BYU as part of the 2020 recruiting class. A Wide Receiver listed at 6'2 185 lbs, Fall committed to BYU after visiting campus with his family who was visiting from France. I had a chance to catch up with Fall and go over his journey from France to Provo.

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In a country that is dominated by Soccer, Fall's first exposure to football came from watching anime in France. "Back in primary school...we watched a lot of anime on TV back there and there was a football anime and I felt in love with the sport from there."

Fall had to wait his turn to strap on the pads and play football for the first time: "Back home we can't play football until the age of 15 because it's considered too risky and not that many people know about it. So I played basketball, rugby, soccer until I could finally play football."

On why he grew to love football enough to come to the United States, Fall said, "I'd say my love for the sport came with the love for working and getting better at it. I did everything I could. I had an uncle that lives in New York so I was able to go over there and actually play over there doing one-on-ones. That's when I realized the level between my country and the US was big but it was something I could achieve and match." 

After visiting his uncle in New York, France decided to pursue his dream of playing college football: 

"That's when I made my decision that I wanted to leave [France]. I started sending messages to high schools everywhere throughout the country. I remember one Christmas break, it took me and my Dad two weeks of being on Skype with high school coaches. [We] talked with coaches from every state, way more than one hundred schools that we contacted."

After arriving to California for his Junior season, Fall found out he was ineligible for his Junior season because he was an international student that played football in his home country. Fall said, "That was hard on me because I was away from everybody and I just wanted to play football."

Before playing a down of football in California, Wide Receivers coach Fesi Sitake noticed Fall's raw talent and work ethic: "I met with Coach Fesi [Sitake]. He came to the school during one of our practices. I was excited to see someone from such a big school. Our coaches told us 'there's someone big coming today' and I said today's got to be my day because I didn't have a chance to play a season and I didn't have film."

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