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BYU Recruit Raider Damuni Reacts to BYU's Victory Over Houston

One of BYU's top targets was in attendance for the BYU-Houston game on Friday.

One of BYU's top targets was in attendance for the BYU-Houston game on Friday night. Raider Damuni, a defensive back prospect out of Timpview High School, watched BYU's victory over Houston from the stands. I caught up with Raider to get his reaction to BYU's success thus far and the BYU fan representation in Houston.

On being a BYU recruit during BYU's undefeated start, Damuni said, "Being a BYU recruit right now is great especially with them getting the national respect that they deserve."  Although the number of fans in the stands was limited, the fans that attended the BYU-Houston game made an impression. "The atmosphere was amazing given the fact that fans were limited. BYU fans definitely showed out, and brought a lot of energy."

While Damuni has been impressed by the Cougars this season, it hasn't changed his perspective as BYU was always the place he wanted to be:

"I always knew what they were [BYU] capable of and always knew this is where I want to be. It’s just nice seeing them having a lot of success."

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Damuni says BYU's success has, however, altered the perspectives of some of the recruits that he talks to. "I’ve talked to some recruits about BYU and some of their perspectives on the program changed. This up and coming class could be very special."

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