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How Many Uniform Combinations Can BYU Football Put Together?

How many uniform combinations can BYU put together with two more helmets?

On Monday morning, BYU football added two new helmets to their collection of uniforms. Between the royal, the navy, and now four different helmets, how many uniform combinations can BYU put together? We teamed up with Coulson Kunz, who runs the BYU Uniform Tracker Twitter account, to compile BYU's new canon of uniform combinations. Check out his designs below, and be sure to give him a follow!

If you exclude facemask color, BYU has 16 different uniform combinations for the upcoming season. If you include facemask color and swap out blue facemasks with gray facemasks, BYU's uniform canon increases to 26 according to BYU equipment manager Billy Nixon. 

We would never advocate for a royal and navy uniform combination. It might be important to repeat that - we would never ever advocate for a uniform that combines royal blue and navy blue. However, BYU could have as many as 128(!) uniform combinations if it sacrificed its sense of style in the name of uniform variety. Between the helmets (4), the jerseys (4), the pants (4), and the facemask colors (2), BYU could put a lot of uniform combination together.

Uniform variety is very important to recruits and players alike. BYU took a step forward in player experience on Monday.

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