Stellar, Standard & Subpar: BYU LB/DB Chaz Ah You

Casey Lundquist

This is a continuation of a new series called stellar, standard, & subpar. We'll look at individual players on BYU's roster and outline what a stellar, standard, & subpar season would look like. We started with #1 (jersey numbers) and will count our way up the roster. We credit our sister site, West Virginia, for this idea. #3 on BYU's roster is Chaz Ah You.

Chaz Ah You

First, let's review Ah You's 2019 stats. Ah You appeared in 10 games at Linebacker for BYU. Ah You was one of the most disruptive players on defense - he had 31 tackles including 5.5 tackles for loss, 1 sack, 3 pass deflections, 1 interception, 1 forced fumble which he subsequently recovered. 


First of all, Ah You would need to stay healthy to have a stellar Junior season. Hall sat out of spring ball with a shoulder injury that also forced him to miss three games last season. 

A stellar season for Ah You would look a lot like last season, except even greater production. Ah You is superbly talented and one of BYU's best players. If Ah You is able to add a few more interceptions and disruptive plays in 2020 then I would consider that a stellar season.


Let's keep this simple, a standard season for Ah You would look like the year he had last year. Like I said, Ah You was one of the most disruptive players on the defense last year. However, Ah You is extremely talented and he has the ability to perform at a higher level than he did last year. 


If Ah You is on the field, I expect him to play well. Ah You has struggled with injuries in his career at BYU. An injury-ridden season could make Ah You's Junior season subpar.

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No. 1-1

Chaz is injured often because a stupid coaching staff keeps him at LB when he was a 4 star recruit at Safety and he could make a bigger impact there than LB where he is undersized like so many others who are or were playing LB last year. Sign of poor recruiting or not developing players physically or mentally. So many missed assignments and poor execution on defense last year due to above! No idea how DC keeps his job except he is long time friends with Stitake but that may be there downfall if this is a losing season or on 6 win season. Now that all the power five teams are not playing us and if we can play a full schedule it better be a 8-9 win season! *I coached Chaz for a short time while teaching Sports Psych at WHS and was a former BYU recruit in early 70's