Stellar, Standard & Subpar: BYU QB Jaren Hall

Casey Lundquist

This is a continuation of a new series called stellar, standard, & subpar. We'll look at individual players on BYU's roster and outline what a stellar, standard, & subpar season would look like. We started with #1 (jersey numbers) and will count our way up the roster. We credit our sister site, West Virginia, for this idea. #3 on BYU's roster is Quarterback Jaren Hall.

First, let's review Hall's 2019 stats. Hall started two games for the Cougars where he threw for 420 yards on 46 attempts. He threw one touchdown and no interceptions. Injuries were really the only thing that slowed Hall down in 2019 - Hall didn’t finish either game he started due to two separate concussions. 


A stellar season for Jaren Hall would require two things:

  1. Health
  2. Starting job

While he can’t control his health, he will be able to contend for the starting job during fall camp. If Hall wins the starting job and plays at the same level he did last year, that would be a stellar season. Hall, however, would need to do it against much better defenses than the likes of Utah State and USF.


In my opinion, a standard season for Hall would consist of a backup role where he plays well when his number is called. He would need to stay healthy to have a standard season for a backup QB.


Health is a tricky thing to talk about. Like we’ve mentioned, Jaren Hall can only do so much to stay healthy. His health, however, could be the difference between a standard or subpar season. It would be hard not to categorize Hall’s season as subpar if he’s rarely available due to injury. If Hall is healthy, I expect him to have a good season.

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