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Steve Young Says Jets Are 'Committed' to Zach Wilson

Wilson believes the New York Jets are committed to drafting Zach Wilson with the second overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.
zach wilson

In a recent interview with KNBR radio, former BYU great Steve Young stated the New York Jets are "committed to Zach [Wilson]" in the upcoming NFL Draft. The Jets, who own the second overall pick, have not publicly stated whether they will draft a quarterback or trade the pick and give Sam Darnold more time.


"There's no question in my mind that if they can figure out how Zach that's their number one, first choice," Young said. "I just don't know how they get it done. The Jets have committed to Zach and recruited the family. I don't know how that gets undone, but you know a lot can happen. I think Zach would love it, I think the family would love it. Nothing would make anyone happier. The 49ers, that's their unstated first choice so that would be wonderful...I think he's ready to play."

Young continued, "I believe he is kind of a generational talent. And that's more than just how he throws the football, it's just his demeanor and his capabilities. Even though he is younger, I believe in the kid...I think he'll be ready to play for whoever it is."

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You can listen to the full interview here.

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