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Steve Young Weighs in on Zach Wilson

Steve Young speaks to Wilson's ceiling in the NFL.

While Zach Wilson was impressing scouts and going viral on pro day, the San Francisco 49ers made a trade with the Miami Dolphins that gave them the third overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. All signs point towards the 49ers drafting their quarterback of the future with the third overall pick. Former BYU and 49er great Steve Young was asked which quarterback would be the best fit for the 49ers. Young believes the 49ers are comfortable with either Zach Wilson or Justin Fields.


"Clearly they are comfortable with either one," Young explained. "I think they are ok with however it goes. Clearly to make this kind of commitment to the third spot, they are good with either one."

In comparing Fields against Wilson, Young brought up the common argument used against Wilson. Fields played against the Big Ten while Wilson played against a last-minute schedule that featured teams like Boise State, Houston, San Diego State, Coastal Carolina, and UCF. 

Wilson burst onto the college football scene last season. Given the opponents BYU faced, some critics believe Wilson was a one-hit wonder. "For some people that's not enough, they want to see more," Young said. Despite the schedule, Young spoke very highly of BYU's Zach Wilson:

"The facts are with Zach Wilson, every time they asked more of him he gave [them] even more...that's the excitement about Zach. The subtleness of his game."

"When Patrick Mahomes came out of Texas Tech, he was a wild thrower...he had to kind of settle down. Zach comes into the pros, he acts like Patrick Mahomes as a pro. He's so subtle, he's so present, he's very spatially aware. When you say, 'What is his ceiling?', it looks like there isn't one." - Steve Young

You can listen to Young's full comments below.

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