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Watch: BYU Football Players React to New Helmets

Jaren Hall and Tyler Allgeier revealed the new helmets to the team.

Earlier today, BYU officially added royal and navy helmets to their uniform repertoire. Jaren Hall and Tyler Allgeier had the honor of revealing the new lids to their teammates - you can check out the players' reactions below:

If you exclude facemask color, BYU has 16 different uniform combinations for the upcoming season. If you include facemask color and swap out blue facemasks with gray facemasks, BYU's uniform canon increases to 26 according to BYU equipment manager Billy Nixon. 



The new helmets are part of an on-going initiative to strengthen the BYU player experience. You can view all the new uniform combinations here.

The new helmets also caught the attention of BYU signees like Logan Fano and Raider Damuni:

Last season, I had the opportunity to sit down with Billy Nixon who is BYU Football's Equipment Manager and the man behind the BYU Equipment twitter account that has gained a lot of traction. We talked about the balance between tradition and variety with BYU uniforms, the player's involvement in the decision making process, and alternate uniforms. In that interview, he talked about the meaning behind blue helmets. You can listen to his comments in the video above.

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