On the surface, it sounded enticing.

Former Cal quarterback Aaron Rodgers perhaps going to Denver to play for general manager John Elway, the former Stanford QB.

That was the thrust of a speculative report by Chris Crouse on the website Heavy.com. Crouse penned that the Broncos would be positioned to make a move on Rodgers, if his tenure with the Green Bay Packers came to an end at some point down the line.

SI's Chad Jensen, who operates Mile High Huddle, called the story "ludicrous," then proceeded to explain why.

Specifically, he noted that Elway and the Broncos are high on second-year quarterback Drew Lock. Here's what Jensen wrote:

"The Broncos are all-in on Lock as he enters year two. If the Broncos' 2020 draft class isn't evidence enough of that, I don't know what is,

"The Broncos drafted three wide receivers, including two back-to-back to open the 2020 draft, and two of the most highly-regarded interior offensive linemen in the class. Not only that, but in the fourth round, before making Denver's selection at pick 118 overall, Elway picked up the phone and called Lock. 

"Elway wanted the 411 on TE Albert Okweugbunam, whom Lock played with for two seasons at Missouri. Lock gave Albert O. a glowing recommendation and Elway pulled the trigger.

"A second-year quarterback with five starts under his belt being consulted on draft decisions that have over-arching and long-term organizational ramifications? Yup. That's how important Lock is to Elway."

In the wake of Green Bay trading up to draft Utah State quarterback Jordan Love late in the first round, Crouse made his argument based on Rodgers' contract details, salary cap hits and the fact that Elway lured Peyton Manning to Denver, where he won a Super Bowl near the end of his Hall of Fame career.

*** Here's the scoop on Jordan Love: 

Hansen pointed out that Elway didn't even make a phone call when it was clear that Tom Brady and the Patriots were going to part ways, and Elway has high regard for Brady.

Regarding the report in Heavy.com, Hansen said, "This article is a pure work of speculative fiction and it's borderline irresponsible."

Rodgers' name is surfacing everywhere on the Internet. Former NFL running back Reggie Bush predicted on Twitter that the 36-year-old will wind up in New England, which no longer has Brady.

Rodgers, who played for Cal in 2003 and 2004, will begin his 16th season with the Packers, his 13th as the team's full-time starter. He is the NFL's all-time career leader in pass efficiency rating, and is coming off a 4,000-yard season in which he threw 26 touchdowns and only four interceptions.

Matt LaFleur, entering his second season as Packers coach, doesn't sound like he's eager to make a change at quarterback.

"Aaron is a pro, and he's the leader of our football team, and I anticipate that for a really long time," LaFleur said Saturday after the draft concluded. "I have so much respect for him not only as a player but the person, and some of the stuff that nobody sees. So I can't tell you how much I like working with him."

LaFleur danced around a question asking what he meant by "a really long time," but added, "In my mind, I think Aaron is by far the best quarterback I've ever been around. I think he's the best ever to play the game. I hope he can play until he decides he doesn't want to play anymore."

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