Cal Football Video: 'You Want to Throw Up After Games Like This' - Justin Wilcox

Jeff Faraudo

They all hurt, every loss. But Cal coach Justin Wilcox was pointed in his post-game remarks about the Bears' 35-0 loss to No. 12 Utah on Saturday night.

“This is crushing. There’s nothing worse," he said. "You want to throw up, the way you feel after games like this. And they feel (his players) the same. It’s extremely disappointing.”

Wilcox talked about how the Bears did virtually nothing well against the Utes. The offense managed just 83 total yards and six first downs. The defense allowed four touchdown drives of at least 72 yards in the first half alone and gave up 473 total yards.

The Bears (4-4, 1-4 Pac-12) now have lost four in a row since opening the season 4-0 to reach No. 15 in the AP Top-25 poll.

They have four games remaining. After a bye next week, they are at home against Washington State and USC, then on the road at Stanford and UCLA. You could make the case that at least three of those teams -- USC, Stanford and UCLA -- are playing their best football right now after starting the season slowly.

The Bears must win a minimum of two more times to be bowl eligible, but even that won't guarantee them a spot in the postseason.

Wilcox said the Bears will not shut down because they have no choice.

"We have to forge on," he said. "There is no other option."

And Wilcox expressed confidence that his players will respond the way the need to. 

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Really, you won’t watch a game, but you will make the rest of us suffer through your self-important drivel? Football is an amazing sport. A college game can turn on a dime. It’s exciting. Not a true Cal fan? Fine.
Nothing constructive to add? Keep your pie hole shut.

Jake Curtis
Jake Curtis


I would agree except for one point: Cal beat Washington on the road in the second game, a suggestion Cal was pretty good. Turns out Washington is not as good as expected, and Cal is sinking without its No. 1 quarterback


I graduated from Cal in 1968. Since then Cal has never been to the Rose Bowl and hadn’t been there since 1959. Moreover, the annual charade of running up 2 or 3 pre-season wins against teams not much better than high school level in order to create a winning appearance and jack up fan hopes has become pathetic Kabuki theatre for a football program that wouldn’t even be Division I if it weren’t at the University of California. Millions of dollars spent on a stadium may have been necessary to meet earthquake standards but was otherwise a cruel joke and a waste of money considering the team that was going to be playing in it. Cal has a fundamental problem and should either figure out what it is and solve it or, if that can’t be done, hang it up. I love Cal, but after 50 years of this, there must be a recognition that Cal does not really belong in a Div 1 conference. The idea of wasting my time watching a Cal game wouldn’t even enter my mind.