2020 Tigers are Exhausting the Moment

Zach Lentz

Coaches always enjoy doing what they love. Whether it is on the rink, field, court, pool or courts, a coach is always excited to be with player.

However, there are certain team, or years, when that joy is contagious—not just within the coaching staff, but with the players also. And that is exactly what the 2020 Clemson Tiger football team is experiencing.

When asked why there the 2020 team has been so much fun to coach through less than a week of fall camp, offensive coordinator Tony Elliott gave his thoughts—a combination of young guys and veterans, who understand how precious the game is.

"You know, I think you're just seeing a ton of enthusiasm," Elliott said. "You know, you got an influx of young guys that are eager to get an opportunity. I think what's all taking place over the last several months where guys are. You know, they were here practicing in spring ball and they say...football's done, you know, for the spring. Go home, not able to be in the environment used to.

"I think it put football in perspective, and they're just happy to be back in a routine. So I just think it's just a lot of a lot of energy, but you know, just a genuine appreciation to get to do what you love. So just a combination of the older guys getting back into routine and the influx of young guys and their energy."

That energy has been contagious across every position group. And in order to ensure that it doesn't change the Tigers are focusing, not on their first opponent or winning a national championship, instead they are focused on have one great day at a time.

"They're just focusing on the moment. You know, I think everything that we've been through individually and as a country as a program, has really, you know, kind of made it make it a one day mentality," Elliott said. "I think everybody just appreciate the day and so they go out and just exhausted the moment. That's what I'm seeing just a ton of energy, excitement and appreciation for each other appreciation for the game football and appreciating for an opportunity to get back to what they love to."