Clemson DT Bryan Bresee 'Kind Of' Hangs Up Basketball Shoes


Just before the start of his very first spring practice, Bryan Bresee had the kind of experience no freshman ever wants to have. 

Playing a pickup game of basketball, the 6-foot-5, 300-pound defensive tackle went up for a dunk, landed awkwardly on his knee, and momentarily thought the worst. As it turns out, the injury wasn't serious, but Bresee is now more aware of how everything he does, on the field or off, has the potential to impact his football career.

"I went up for a dunk and just came down, and landed kind of funny on my knee," Bresee said on Tuesday. "I was super lucky that it wasn't anything too serious. It was definitely disappointing for me, especially when it happened. Just not knowing what it was, but now I kind of hung up the basketball shoes after that."

Injuring a knee playing basketball just before spring practice begins might not sit well with some head coaches. Playing for Dabo Swinney, though, that isn't the case. The Tigers head coach actually wants his players to have the full college experience.

"Coach Swinney, he wants us to have the most normal college experience that we can," Bresee said. "So he encourages us to go play basketball and things like that."

Fortunately for the freshman, and the Tigers for that matter, Bresee only missed minimal time and didn't fall behind. He can now look back on the incident and smile about it.

"I missed a couple of days so it was definitely disappointing at the time but you know. I look back on it, it wasn't a huge deal," Bresee said. "But you know, at the time, for me just coming into college and having to miss my first couple of practices, it was pretty upsetting."

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