Clemson's Lawrence Fully Aware of Attention from Wanting NFL Fan Bases

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence knows NFL fan bases are talking about him on social media on Sundays.
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At one point during Sunday's NFL slate of games, a single word was trending on Twitter. 

It wasn't LeBron or Shaq or Tiger. It was simply "Trevor." Not even Lawrence or Trevor Lawrence or Clemson quarterback. Just Trevor. 

While he might not reach that kind of legendary one-name status just yet, the junior signal-caller is a popular person among the NFL fan bases of the worst teams. The Lawrence sweepstakes, or #TankforTrevor campaign, is in full bloom just a few weeks into the season.

The Tigers' leader, who's in his last year of college football, is widely regarded as the best prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft and a franchise quarterback. It's a lot of attention on a young man who's still playing on Saturdays. 

"I try to ignore it as much as possible but obviously if you're on social media you can't help but see it. It's funny," Lawrence said about his name trending on Sundays. "It's a new team every week. I don't think there's any real insight into what's going to happen. It's a long season. There have only been three games in the NFL (season). We're only going into our third game."

That's true. It is early, but there are a few clear contenders for the worst of the worst in pro football. Both New York teams, the Jets and Giants, are winless and look like they could remain that way for quite some time. While the AFC version took Sam Donald in the first round a couple of years ago, the franchise is in dire need of new direction, and he's far from a proven winner at this point. 

The Giants took former Duke QB Daniel Jones sixth overall in 2019 draft, so it might be a reach to take Lawrence if they land the first pick, especially since they need help all over the field. 

Other winless teams include the Vikings, who have Kirk Cousins wrapped up long term, the Eagles, the Bengals, the Falcons and the Texans, home of former Clemson QB Deshaun Watson. 

Lawrence didn't really watch the NFL growing up as a kid, but the only team he really pulled for was the Falcons because of his Georgia hometown's proximity to the franchise. So could he end up replacing Matt Ryan at some point?

"You just don't know, but it is kind of interesting seeing all the stuff that comes to me," Lawrence said. "I don't take it too seriously. I know in this situation you can't really predict where you're going to go. All I can do is enjoy my time while I'm here, perform the best I can and enjoy where I'm at right now. We'll see next year what happens."