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While joining ESPN's Rece Davis after Trevor Lawrence's televised Pro Day at Clemson's Indoor Practice Facility Friday, Dabo Swinney had nothing but praise for his former QB, as can be expected.

Swinney was asked about what he thought Lawrence proved to the Jaguars and other potential suitors and gave a basketball metaphor to describe how Lawrence threw the ball on Friday.

"He went through the script did what he needed to do," Swinney said unsurprisingly. "I mean it's a beautiful thing to watch. It's like watching Steph Curry shoot a basketball, right and it's fun to watch this guy throw it, and I thought he did a great job today."

Lawrence's next potential HC Urban Meyer stood beside Coach Swinney for a majority of the workout, discussing the potential No. 1 pick and just further validating what the Jacksonville Jaguars will undoubtedly do on April 29th.

"You know, I've known coach a long time and I've got great respect for him," Swinney said about Meyer. "We've had good conversations about Trevor but he's seen him, you know, I think he knows him very well and he's seen him live for really the past three years so hopefully, that's where he'll end up but that's why Trevor was out here to throw today because he wanted to go ahead and get this surgery behind him, and he doesn't want to assume or take anything for granted."

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Lawrence's upcoming non-throwing shoulder surgery didn't seem to faze Swinney in the slightest when asked about why he felt Lawrence could be the cornerstone of an NFL franchise.

"His skill set and his measurables are really easy. They're unique and easy to see." Swinney said. "They're obvious, but it's the immeasurables. It's those intangibles that really make him special, and you know he's just a great young man, first of all. He's been in the spotlight for a long time. Since the ninth grade, you know everywhere he's traveled he's been Trevor Lawrence and he has this huge presence. He's 34-2 as a starter and he never lost a home game, he never lost a road game. His two losses were in neutral field games. He's an incredible winner."

Swinney went even further, going on to say that Lawrence could be a globally special player when he becomes a professional.

"He's just so prepared from a mental standpoint," Swinney said. "He's a great leader and a great teammate and I think he has a chance to be one of these international, global type NFL stars as he goes throughout his career. A lot of times you don't know who a guy is when they take their helmet off in the game of football, but Trevor, helmet or no helmet, he's easy to spot. Both on and off the field, 

“I just love his balance in life. He's got a great family, great support system, he's simple. He's getting married to his middle school sweetheart April 10th. He looks like Hollywood but he's just the most un-Hollywood guy you'll ever meet. He's about his business and everything about him will translate very well day one in the NFL."

Lawrence will now have shoulder surgery on his left labrum after his Pro Day appearance and sets his eyes towards his marriage, and the NFL Draft.