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Dabo Swinney On Struggles of Clemson Offense: 'It's Not Complicated, It's Simple Really'

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney met with the media on Wednesday and discussed the Tigers' struggles on offense, saying he and the rest of his staff know what the issues are and they aren't as complicated as made out to be.
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There has been much debate through the early part of the season over what it is that ails the Clemson offense.

The Tigers have struggled to move the ball with any consistency during the team's 2-2 start. While every fan with a Twitter account seems to know how to fix the inept offense, head coach Dabo Swinney isn't seeking any outside advice at this time. In fact, he already knows where the issues lie.

"We're alright, I know what the problems are," Swinney told the media on Wednesday. "I don't need to call anybody to tell me what the issue is. I know what the issue is. We all know where we are and how we got here and what we got to do."

The Tigers currently find themselves in unfamiliar territory, ranking at or near the bottom of every offensive statistical category in the ACC. Despite the disappointing start and the anemic offense, Swinney insists that the team isn't that far off and that once his team starts doing the little things correctly, success will follow.

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"It's not complicated, it's simple really," Swinney said. "Simple things lead to big things. Until we get great at the details we're not going to get it turned around."

As bad as his offense has been, Swinney was quick to remind everyone that his team is still just one or two plays away from being unbeaten.

"Fundamentals, technique, discipline, ball security, missed assignments, just the basics," Swinney said. "Those are the things that jump out. Those are the things that beat you. That's the difference, but nobody wants to hear it to be honest with you. But, literally two or three plays. Or two or three less mistakes from being 4-0. We really wouldn't be much better of a team, but y'all would be asking different questions."

However, as he has throughout the spring and the fall, Swinney maintains that this Clemson team has the potential to be great and while he doesn't know what the end result will be, he does know that this will be one of his favorite groups to date.

"We got a great group, I love this team," Swinney said. "I don't know how it's going to turn out, this will be one of my favorite teams. I love this group, this is a great group of young people, man. Just gotta teach 'em and grow 'em up. We're young and inexperienced in some spots, not as far along as we need to be in some others, we got a bunch of injuries, gotta lot of challenges. But everybody has these things."

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