Clemson Freshman Safety Malcolm Greene's a 'Baller'

Christopher Hall

The competition is heating up in the Clemson secondary as fall camp moves into the home stretch. 

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney is optimistic about the new leaders in the secondary and raved about the leadership of Fiesta Bowl closer Nolan Tuner in addition to true freshman Malcolm Greene. 

The rookie defender is turning heads and has caught the attention of Swinney and the coaching staff this summer after enrolling in June. 

"Malcolm Greene is just a baller, and he's like (Bryan Bresee)," Swinney said. "I mean, you just notice him every play and his energy and attention to detail. He's competitive and you'd never in a million years think he was a freshman with how he carries himself. "

And to be honest, Greene is a step above your typical freshman, at least academically. Swinney said Greene already has his associate's degree. 

"So he's like a junior in college right now, but he's only a freshman. He's just a really unique kid and he's powerful," Swinney said. "He can run, he is compact and it is amazing how he has learned already. There is no question he will help this football team. Everything about him is just easy to see."