Tigers Not Leaving Anything On Table In 2020


Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence may have suffered the first loss of his college career in the College Football Playoff national title game, but that doesn't mean he isn't still extremely proud of what the team accomplished in 2019. He admits the Tigers didn't play well against LSU, but says that doesn't mean the team did not give it their all. 

"We're still proud of what we did," Lawrence said. "It sucks the way it ended, but still a lot of work and I mean a lot of time spent here preparing and I feel like we all, we gave it our all. We did our best and it's tough with a game like that obviously, but we're still proud of what we did."

With spring practice now underway, the Clemson football team is ready to move on from the disappointing end to the season. However, don't expect them to completely erase the 42-25 loss to the LSU Tigers from their memory. 

Now entering his third season as the Tigers quarterback, Lawrence is one of the more seasoned veterans on the roster. That, combined with his maturity level, along with playing the most important position on the field, makes him one of the team's leaders, on and off the field.

In that loss to LSU, the Tigers' quarterback had what might have been his worst performance as a Tiger to date.

"I didn't play my best," Lawrence said. "They did some things defensively that were really good. And then also it just wasn't my best game. Missed some throws down the stretch. Missed some big throws.

Ultimately, it just wasn't the Tigers night. 

"A lot of little details," Lawrence said. "Things you only know if you're a part of this offense. So just little things and just overall not syncing up well, offense and defense together. So it just wasn't our night.

In the early stages of spring, the Tigers are trying to find that fine line between moving forward, and using the sting of the LSU loss as motivation. It is a balancing act that Lawrence is readily embracing, and he seems to be doing so with a little bit of a chip on his shoulder.

"Yeah, it's both for sure," Lawrence said. "But definitely with that sting, we want to build on it and let it give us that extra edge to make sure we're not leaving anything on the table like we did last year."

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J Clarke
J Clarke

LSU was the better team that night. Clemson has not tried to excuse the loss or come up with some other explanation. That kind of attitude will get us another shot at the title soon.