Tremayne Anchrum Knows What A Championship Effort Looks Like

Tremayne Anchrum has played in some big games over his career at Clemson. He is ready to put those experiences to work for him as he transitions to playing in the NFL.
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From Powder Springs, Georgia, Tremayne Anchrum came to Clemson as part of Clemson's 2016 recruiting class. While not one of the most highly touted offensive lineman in the nation that year, Anchrum decided to go out and prove his worth on the field. 

Anchrum impressed coaches almost immediately, seeing substantial playing time as a freshman, even starting one game. By the beginning of his third year in the program, he'd become a full-time starter, helping lead the Tigers to two national titles and four ACC Championships. 

After being taken in the seventh round of the NFL Draft by the Los Angeles Rams last week, Anchrum thinks that playing in as many big game settings as he did while at Clemson will help him prepare for what lies ahead at the NFL level.

"Playing for a high-level team like Clemson is an advantage," Anchrum said. "When you have the competition level that high and you play the Alabama's, the Ohio State's of the world, you know what a winning mindset looks like. You know what a championship effort looks like."

During his college career, Anchrum has played at multiple positions across the offensive line. Robbie Caldwell, Clemson's offensive line coach, is known for being adamant about his players cross-training, which makes Anchrum comfortable playing anywhere his team needs him.

"I have played both tackles and practiced at both guards," Anchrum said. "I'm comfortable on the right side of the line, mostly right tackle, right guard, but I am open to playing any spot on the line that they need me."

The big offensive lineman thinks he has landed himself on a team in which he can come in and get an early opportunity to play. Somewhere all that cross-training will work to his benefit.

"Yeah, I do see an opportunity to play," Anchrum said. "In all honesty, I figure I will tell coach I'll take any spots, I'll cross-train. I take pride in being a versatile offensive lineman and I will come in ready to take any spot that is available."

As the draft started to wind down, and he had yet to hear his name, Anchrum had started to resign himself to the fact that he may have to go the free-agent route. Teams were already starting to call him when that one call he'd been waiting for finally came.

"Honestly, we didn't really know where our future lied," Anchrum said. "I knew I was going to be a day three kind of guy, so getting into the later rounds we started getting calls, 'Hey, we'd love to have you as a free agent.' I got a couple of head coaches that called saying, 'We want you now.' Then (Rams head) coach (Sean) McVay called and said 'Hey, are you ready to be a Ram?' And at that moment we were all really excited."

Now that all the waiting and anxiousness is behind him and his family, Anchrum can now start looking ahead to the next chapter in his life. He feels good about where he's at and like most other rookies, can't wait for it to start.

"It feels great," Anchrum said. "I'm just happy to be apart of a great organization, and I'm ready to get started."