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The Bengals are making their first appearance in the Super Bowl since 1988 and Cincinnati's trio of wideouts has played a major role in getting the team there. 

Former Clemson Tiger Tee Higgins, along with Ja'Marr Chase and Tyler Boyd aren't your typical NFL receivers, according to Cincinnati's wide receivers coach Troy Walters, who says all three wideouts play for one another, rather than looking out for themselves.

"They've come together as a unit," Walters said via Zoom on Wednesday. "They're unselfish. They don't care who gets the credit, who gets the glory. They come to work every day. They bust their tails. Practice is important. Preparation is important. You put that alongside their athletic ability and the sky is the limit."

Walters said the one thing that separates each player from many other receivers throughout the league is how easy they are to coach.

"Those guys are coachable," Walters said. "They want to be coached. They're hungry and they want to be great. It makes my job a lot easier because they come in every day wanting to be great, wanting to be coached and they go out there and they do well on the field."

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Boyd, now in his sixth season, is the veteran of the group. Higgins is just in his second season, while Chase is still a rookie. Walters said the fact that each player puts the needs of the team ahead of their own, heavily factored in the organization's desire to draft each receiver. 

At the same time, Walters also said it's also been a learning process for each player, and that he's enjoyed watching each grow into their role.

"We do a great job as a staff of recruiting and finding out what really makes the guys tick," Walters said. "So we knew drafting these guys … that they were team guys. They wanted to win, but at the same time they put the team first. …Tyler … hadn't experienced a lot of winning. So that's his main focus is just to win."

"I think it was the Detroit game. He didn't have many catches or targets. I sat next to him on the bench and I said, 'Hey, keep your head up.' He said, 'Coach, I'm not even worried about it. You know, as long as we're winning, I'm good.' Ja'Marr had at a game like that. Tee had a game and they're all about the team."

The odds of the Bengals winning the Super Bowl is currently +166, and the Rams are currently at -198 according to Fanduel

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