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Coach K on Alex O'Connell: 'He wasn't just ordering room service'

Duke junior had to work to get opportunities

Junior Alex O’Connell hit Duke’s only two successful three-point shots in the win over Brown on Saturday. O’Connell scored 14 points in the game, matching his season high. Coach Mike Krzyzewski was asked about O’Connell finding his shot.

“Finding his shot and hitting his shot are two different things,” he said. “The finding of the shot is not a problem. Alex is a good basketball player. With all these kids, it’s consistency. It’s not him. It’s all of them. We need to just keep working at it. But he was a key guy for us today, no question about it. He had two huge defensive rebounds, and I thought that got him tougher. He was stronger with the ball, because it wasn’t just ordering room service. He had to go buy his own food and then go down and have it served at the other end. That’s a hell of a thing.”

Krzyzewski was asked about his scolding the team during a first half timeout. Krzyzewski ripped off his jacket after Brown hit a pair of three-pointers to tie the game, then read his team the riot act in the huddle.

“I want to win,” he said. “So …”

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Krzyzewski then shrugged. “I want to win,” he continued. “So I’m going to do whatever ethically is possible to win. And at 72, the fact that I can still do that and want to do it, to me, I think that’s commendable. You may not commend it—it’s a good thing.”