Duke's Wendell Moore Jr. on the NABC Committee's First Meetings


Duke sophomore Wendell Moore Jr. is one of the 11 players chosen for the first NABC Players Advisory Council. He says the group has gotten right to work.

“We already had our first meeting as a whole group late last week,” Moore said. “Then we had another meeting, just the players, a couple days ago, just kind of going about how we’re going to attack this. I’m not going to state anything that we said in our messages. I’m going to keep that private for right now, but we had some really good stuff in those messages. Our class is communicating every day on how we can get change, not only for ourselves but athletes around the country.”

One of the other members on the committee is UNC sophomore Armando Bacot, who is no stranger to Moore.

“I got to know him through AAU stuff,” he said. “We were really good friends throughout high school circuits. We talked a good bit on all the issues we want to cover and how we’re going to go about this. He’s a great guy to have on our side. He’s really outspoken. He’s going to say what’s on his mind. He definitely wants positive change.”

Moore is clearly blossoming as a leader, after a year where his self-confidence was shaken through inconsistent play and injury.

“Before coming here, you’re always going to be the best player on your team,” he said. “For me, that’s where a lot of my confidence came from, before. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been tested like that. I’ve had very few injuries in my life, and definitely not one that kept me out for a month and a half. Really, the thing that kept me going was my teammates, just seeing that they were always there for me, holding down everything while I’m gone. I just feel like I never missed a beat, really.”