As you may have heard, today is Blackout Tuesday. It's a one-day moratorium on business as usual, in support of victims of police violence, specifically in the African-American community.

We try not to speak out on political issues, but there are times when a story is big enough to overwhelm everything, including college sports. This is one of them. Whether we observed Blackout Tuesday or not, it would be interpreted as a political statement.

So, out of respect for what our nation has been going through, we're taking a day to recharge and try to do some good somewhere.

We'll be back tomorrow, with reactions from current and former Duke assistants on the protests, as well as information on new offers to football recruits.

Until then, as our colleague, Quiera Luck of All Tar Heels said, "Whatever you do, do it in love and peace!"

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Quierra Luck
Quierra Luck

Thank you, Shawn!