Tre Jones: My Jump Shot Took a Big Leap This Year


Tre Jones improved several areas of his game when he returned for his second year of college.

“Start off with my defense,” the ACC Defensive Player of the Year said. “Something I was focusing on a lot in year one, especially with the talent that we had and just not having to do as much on the offensive end with the talent around me. I think that was something I was able to carry over (to this year). I was just trying to improve my leadership but also my jump shot. I think point guards in the NBA, or any level actually, being a leader is something that’s important to the team and a winning team for sure. So that’s something I want to do and then continue to improve all aspects of my game. My jump shot is something that took a big leap this year.”

Now Jones is preparing for the NBA Draft process, although things are in a bit of a holding pattern with the sport shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think it’s somewhat the same that we’ve been doing the entire time,” he said. “Trust the process, trying to continue to work hard no matter what, staying patient, especially in this time now. Trying to stay patient with whatever’s going on. No one really has a timetable for anything. We’re not trying to get ahead of ourselves, just continue working hard every day, because hard work will pay off. Just trying to keep our head down, stay humble, never get too big headed, continue to work hard.”