Tre Jones: Shopping for Mom and Grandma So They Can Stay Home


Tre Jones made the decision to declare for the NBA Draft. Two of his teammates, Cassius Stanley and Vernon Carey Jr., have still not made an announcement. Jones understands the delay, however, since the pandemic has everything up in the air. The NBA has closed up shop, and feedback for potential draft picks won’t be coming anytime soon.

“It’s tough with the tournament being cancelled and everything,” he said. “It’s tough. I know, for myself—coming back to win a national championship was the first thing on my mind. Once that got taken away, it was tough for me to make a decision. But I mean, I think it’s just weird. Everyone’s—it’s new for everybody. No one knows what to do and what to think of it. It’s something you never think would happen in a lifetime. It’s hard to deal with.”

Jones’ mother battled cancer last year, so the family is taking greater care to protect her, since she’s immunocompromised.

“We’re just not letting her really do anything or go anywhere. We’re trying to go to the grocery store for her and my grandma, not letting them really go anywhere or expose themselves to take any chances with this. Obviously, we see how serious it is. With different groups, it’s more serious. So we’re not really letting her do anything. She knows and my grandmother knows how serious it is. They’re both staying home and taking care of themselves. If they need anything, we’re just getting it for them, not letting them go out.”