Why Duke: Jeremy Roach Discusses His Recruiting Decision

Freshman point guard impressed by Coach K
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Duke freshman point guard Jeremy Roach chose Duke over several other top programs that had been recruiting him heavily.

“What made me my first decide to come to Duke was my junior year, when I went to the Duke UNC game,” he said. “I just saw the atmosphere, how Coach K carries self, how he cares so much for his staff and for his teammates. He just cares for everybody in the organization. That was a big part of me coming to Duke.”

A few weeks into his Duke career, he hasn’t second-guessed his decision.

“Definitely,” he said of the Duke choice. “You can act like you really want to act around the coaches. They brought me in as a brother. The coaching staff has really looked out for me. It’s everything I’ve asked for.”

He’s the latest player to come to Duke from Washington DC area, following one of his idols, former Duke point guard Quinn Cook.

“I picked him because he’s a DMV guy (DC/Maryland/Virginia). He played in same conference as me. We’ve just been close through the years. I’ve seen him in gyms and always looked up to him. He’s definitely one of the reasons I came to Duke. I haven’t gotten the chance to talk to him after his big Finals win (with the Lakers). I’ll definitely get in touch with him soon, now.”

Meanwhile, on the practice floor, Duke is still coming together as a team.

“We’re learning to play together,” he said. “It’s not going to be one lineup. We’ll have different guys in different spots, learning to play together, off the ball and on the ball.”

The team will also probably not have one go-to guy on offense.

“We have a lot of guys that can be our go-to guy,” he said. “For one, we’ve got Matt Hurt. We’ve got Wendell Moore. We’ve got Jalen Johnson. We can double down to Mark Williams. We’ve just got a lot of guys I feel like can fit that moment and make the big play, make the right play.”