Chris Rumph Drafted by Chargers

Edge rusher taken in fourth round
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Duke edge rusher Chris Rumph was drafted by the Chargers with the 13th pick of the fourth round of the NFL draft, No. 118 overall.

Former NFL and college coach Jim Mora broke down Rumph for us.

“I like Chris,” he said. “I think he’s probably a 3-4 outside linebacker, with his size and his traits. I don’t know that he can be an edge-setting defensive end at the NFL level, but I also think he’s an excellent pass rusher. I kind of see him as a specialty player right now.”

Among the things Mora likes are the same things Duke saw from Rumph.

“He’s talented. He’s explosive. Not sure how he’ll hold up against tackles all the time in the run game unless he can gain some weight. He’s a little bit undersized. He’s got length and reach, lateral quickness. In his pass rush, I think he’s a slippery guy. He’s good with his hands. He’s got a good dip and rip. Tackles struggle with him, because he gets leverage on them. He’s got a nice inside move.”

As for potential red flags NFL people might see:

“The only thing he has to overcome is—is he just a one-dimensional player as a pass rusher? And that’s not a bad thing. His size is working against him right now. He’s going to have to show people he can be an outside linebacker and do some things in coverage. He doesn’t have to do a lot—You want him going forward, not backward.”

Overall, Mora sees Rumph as a second-day pick

“He’s got treat potential,” he said. “I don’t think he’s a grown man yet. He’s got all those traits you’re looking for. I don’t think he’s a first-rounder, but I think he’s a second or third, and he’ll probably be a potential starter in the NFL. There’s a lot of things to like and a couple of concerns. The taits that he has will overcome some of the things that are concerns.”