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Duke Faces Long Odds in ACC

Online bookmaker sets bar low for 2021 Blue Devils

Online bookmaker has released prop bets for all Power Five teams for the upcoming college football season, and it appears that gamblers are not optimistic about Duke’s prospects for 2021.

The over/under for wins for Duke this season is set at 3.5. That’s the lowest over/under in the Coastal and second lowest in the ACC. Syracuse, at an over/under of 3 wins, is the only team with a lower bar to clear.

Win total over/under

Clemson 11.5

North Carolina 9.5
Miami 9.0
Boston College 7.0
Pitt 7.0
NC State 6.5
Louisville 6.5
Virginia 6.5
Virginia Tech 6.5
Wake Forest 6.5
Florida State 6.0

Georgia Tech 4.5

Duke 3.5

Syracuse 3.0

Duke also has the second longest odds to win the ACC title. The Blue Devils are +40,000, meaning a $100 bet would win $40,000. Once again, only Syracuse, at +90,000, has longer odds.

Conference title odds

Clemson -350

North Carolina +1800
Miami +2,200
Virginia Tech +5,000
Louisville +5,800
Pitt +6,500
Wake Forest +7,100
Florida State +7,600

Virginia +9,000
Boston College +11,000
NC State +12,500
Georgia Tech +25,000

Duke +40,000

Syracuse +90,000

And Duke has the longest odds to win the Coastal Division to reach the ACC Championship Game. Only Syracuse in the Atlantic Division is a bigger longshot to play in the title game. Duke is +9,000 to win the Coastal, meaning a $100 bet would earn $9,000.

Odds to play in ACC Championship Game

Coastal Division

North Carolina +170
Miami +180
Virginia Tech +950
Pitt +1,150
Virginia +1400
Georgia Tech +4,200

Duke +9,000

Atlantic Division

Clemson -700

Florida State +3,000

Wake Forest +3,200
Louisville +3,400
Boston College +4,500

NC State +5,500

Syracuse +25,000