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Spring Game Helps Boost Gunnar Holmberg's Starting Hopes

Rising junior looks to start for Blue Devils

Duke will be naming its fourth starting quarterback in as many seasons for 2021, and redshirt junior to be Gunnar Holmberg is stepping up as the leader to win the job as spring practice ends. Holmberg completed five-of-nine pass attempts for 107 yards and one touchdown in the spring showcase. He connected with junior wide receiver Jalon Calhoun for an 80-yard scoring strike.

“It’s gone really well,” he said. “It feels really good to be with the guys I’ve been here the last three-to-four years with, to finally be with the ones with them. Confidence wise, we’re all building that, especially me. We’re continuing to learn the offense, continuing to expand on that and put in things we know work for our guys.”

Holmberg missed all of his redshirt freshman year with a knee injury but returned last season to serve as backup to Chase Brice.

“My health was good,” he said of the spring test. “The coaches are doing a good job of managing it.”

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One priority for the offense is to cut back on turnovers.

“You don’t have to be a superhero every play,” he said. “Especially at quarterback, it’s something you try to do at times. And it makes it worse. It doesn’t help the team. Just doing your part, being smart, understanding the offense and the defense, take it seriously. Prepare yourself for every practice and every game.”

“If you know what you’re going to do every play, you stand a pretty good chance of ending that play with the ball in your hands.”

Holmberg also said the Blue Devils will be adding in more plays that have the quarterback on the move, in the model of Patrick Mahomes, this season.