Four Things Florida Football Should Be Thankful For


The Florida Gators are, by even the critics’ opinion, above average. 

Florida football is certainly not what it was in 2008, or 1997. But, it’s certainly so much better than the 2017 disaster, or really what it was at any point since the departure of Tim Tebow. 

Why is that? What should Florida fans be thankful for this Thanksgiving that has brought the Gators back to relevancy? Here’s a quick four for you.

Scott Stricklin

Gator fans, you have an Athletic Director that wants to spend money. You have an AD that is caught up with the times. He wants everything at UF to be state of the art. He wants to "wow" recruits. 

This is not something that every program has. This is something that head coaches often have to fight tooth and nail for. Just ask Florida State. So, be thankful for Stricklin, an AD committed to winning. 

Dan Mullen

This is the most obvious one. He is 19-5 in his time in Gainesville so far. He took over a program that won just four games the season before his arrival. He has yet to lose as many games in his tenure than Florida lost in 2017 alone. 

He has made the quarterback room good again. Every quarterback that has gotten on the field has been somewhat productive. He has a New Year's Six Bowl win and has brutally defeated rival Florida State 41-14. 

Need I say more? 

You have a great coach, Gator fans. It will get even better, too. But perhaps more importantly, it could be so, so much worse. 

Kyle Trask

Don't just be thankful that Kyle Trask has been a good player in his time as the new starter at quarterback for the Gators. Don't just be thankful that despite a struggling offensive line throughout the season and essentially no running game, he has still made Florida fun to watch on offense. 

Be thankful for the man inside the pads. 

Be thankful for not transferring and not complaining. Be thankful for his readiness to seize the moment in the Kentucky game and bring the Gators back from a potential disaster that early in the season. 

Trask has been wonderful during this run. He has handled everything so maturely and has run with his chance. 


Imagine not playing Georgia every year. Imagine not playing LSU every year. Imagine instead of getting Auburn on your home field, you had to play them week one on a neutral site. Yes, it does just mean more in the SEC, and it's pretty obvious. 

Certain recruits are essentially set on playing in the SEC. They rule out other programs that are really nice fits otherwise. If a school is not in the SEC, recruiting pitches are much harder and so are college football playoff pitches. 

So, while you're stuffing your face with pumpkin pie and ham tomorrow, remember how nice it is to have a starting quarterback go down and have the backup be even better. Think about how nice it is to have an AD with a 'whatever it takes,' approach and a coach with a sturdy foundation. 

Be thankful for the best conference in football. after all, Thanksgiving is the best holiday in football.