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Scouting Report: Gators 2023 OL Commit Bryce Lovett

Breaking down the skill-set and projected fit of new Florida Gators offensive lineman commit Bryce Lovett.

Success starts in the trenches.

Previously acquiring IMG Academy's (Fla.) Knijeah Harris to bolster the offensive line unit, Florida continued their attempt to build a formidable unit upfront for the future by acquiring a commitment from 2023 offensive tackle prospect Bryce Lovett on Monday.

Lovett, who has been committed to the staff since the Orange and Blue Spring Game but announced his pledge on Monday, presents the Gators with a plethora of promising traits as a project tackle take in the first year of the new regime.

To better understand what he brings to the table, AllGators will break down the strengths of his skill-set, as well as the areas that will need to be improved upon his arrival on UF's campus.


High school: Rockledge High School (Fla.)

Size: 6-foot-5, 330 pounds

Projected position: Offensive tackle (Ca play all five spots on the offensive line)

Areas of strength

A big, powerful people-mover is headed to The Swamp.

When watching Lovett's junior highlight tape, the aspects of his game that pop off the film are his burst off the snap, initial solid punch and propensity to follow through blocks until the whistle is blown.

Showing nimble movement when lined up at his right tackle position for Rockledge, Lovett's ability to explode quickly off of the line of scrimmage gives him the advantage to initiate contact with his assignment on the play.

He can often throw edge rushers onto their heels; as a result, using a mixture of momentum and pure brute strength he naturally carries on his 6-foot-5, 330-pound frame.

Lovett shows viable skills to suffice in both run blocking and pass protection.

Despite not having great length in his limbs, Lovett's deceiving speed off the ball and height projects him to occupy a spot on the exterior, according to offensive line coach Rob Sale. However, Lovett's value is found more in the staff's ability to mix and match his spot as they see fit.

Showing positional versatility along the entire offensive line — including center — Lovett presents an intriguing skill-set that will provide Florida with serviceable depth at all five spots in his early days in the program.

Although Sale views the Rockledge product as a tackle at the moment, likely due to the towering frame he presents, the reshaping of Lovett when he steps on campus will maximize an area of his game the staff covets. Unlike others who merely flash signs of playing everywhere, Lovett has shown the staff firsthand his capability to bounce from one spot to another with ease.

He did so recently at a practice they attended.

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Winning a few reps at his traditional right tackle position, Lovett jumped to the center spot. He executed a proper snap before dominating his assignment to win the rep with ease.

That ultimate tell of versatility will create a strong argument for the Rockledge prospect once he arrives at game-ready shape.

Areas needing improvement

It's no secret that teams will take project pieces in their attempt to turn hidden gems into high-level contributors in the future.

Lovett seems to be just that for Florida.

While he displays flashes of a strong offensive line prospect, Lovett's unpolished skill-set makes him a project piece for the Gators' two offensive line coaches in Sale and Darnell Stapleton.

To start, Lovett falls into the category of top-heavy, which can result in him being thrown off balance by the more powerful defensive lineman that he will face at the next level. Not only will he need to cut down his upper half, but he will build up his lower half to adequately withstand the daunting task that taking on SEC fenders will bring.

Florida will assemble a blueprint for how they will go about his body reconfiguration when he steps on campus if they haven't already.

Despite his ability to fire off the snap and make his way upfield on run blocking, Lovett can get caught up with his initial assignment when the chance to climb to the second level presents itself. He pairs that with rawness in his footwork and technique, a commonality amongst most offensive line prospects gearing up to climb to the next level.

Those intricacies, while teachable, will limit him from early playing time in orange and blue.

However, the potential positives outweigh the current negatives within the Gators' evaluation.

Final Thoughts

The Gators' offensive front has quickly received a recruiting facelift in recent months compared to the much-maligned John Hevesy era of lineman recruiting for Florida.

Hauling in two high-upside players in Harris and Lovett to this point, the Gators are in a solid position to add pivotal depth and talent to an offensive line that is in desperate need of it. While Harris anchors down any spot on the interior, likely occupying one of the two guard positions when his name is called, Lovett presents an even more interesting fit into the Florida front.

That is mainly due to his moldable frame, skill-set and mind as a player.

"A dedicated one that's willing to learn and get better," Lovett said when asked about the player Florida was getting in him. "They're just getting a hard-working player."

Having a swing offensive lineman is an unparalleled luxury for a program in case of emergency. Although Lovett is still very raw as a player, his versatility to play all five spots upfront is simply unmatched.

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