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WATCH: FSU's NCAA Record of 13 Consecutive Overtime Wins

A look at each of FSU's record-setting 13 straight overtime victories.

Florida State's win over Duke marks the 13th consecutive overtime game they've won, an NCAA D1 record. The record had originally been broken earlier in the season when FSU beat Boston University on a late tip-in by Matthew Cleveland, but beating a major opponent like Duke has brought the record back into the spotlight. 

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In honor of the record, I went through each overtime sequence and picked the biggest play, and compiled it all into one 2-minute video for your enjoyment. 

So, enjoy!

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Let's go through a couple of facts about the overtime streak. First, only one of these games was a true road game, which was at Miami in 2020. Three games were neutral sites: The second of the Virginia Tech games, Purdue, and LSU. The LSU and VT games are legendary shots in FSU Basketball lore. That leaves the remaining nine games being in the Donald L Tucker Center. 

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If you assume every overtime is a 50/50 chance, that gives someone a 0.0012% chance of winning 13 straight overtime games. There's obviously some luck involved in a streak like this, but it's a record that is unquestionably impressive. 

Florida State beat UNF on Thursday afternoon, and will now play Miami Saturday at 2pm in Coral Gables, with 1st Place in the ACC on the line.