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WATCH: Kenny Dillingham gives a heart-felt message on recruiting

Florida State's offensive coordinator discusses recruiting.

Florida State is looking to have a resurgence on the recruiting trail under head coach Mike Norvell and his staff. The Seminoles currently hold 16 commitments and the No. 13 class in the country according to SI All-American. The program has some legitimate momentum to work with following the first win over Miami since 2016. FSU is trying to capitalize and take back the state.

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Offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham made an appearance on The Crib South Florida's Instagram Live earlier this week. He delivered a passionate message on recruiting and the different pitches that schools dish out to prospects. Check it out below.

"Every place is different," Dillingham said. "I'm not going to get into specifics for each place. The sales pitch now in recruiting is look at this guy. So, I can only go to this school because I'm the next him. I want to go to school A because school A has player A who was a first-rounder. Well, guess what, player A was a good player in high school too and he would've been a first-rounder if he would've went to West Texas Baptist Southern."

"Why don't you go to the school that you want to go to, where the coaching staff wants to develop you and you be the guy that we sell in the future? The problem is, now everyone thinks that I go to this school and automatically I get drafted. That's not true. You go to this school, and actually, there may be so much talent that you're on the bench and in the transfer portal. I know you don't want to hear that but that's the reality." 

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"Whereas, if you can go to school with people that care about you, go to a school with people that can develop you, why would you not want to go make your own brand and do your own thing and let people say 'I want to be the next you.' That's what we're trying to sell here [at Florida State]. In order to get this place back to where it should be, we need guys to stand up, do things differently from what other people in the country are doing and say, 'this is my school, not sure your school and let's do it one way. And that's the 'Nole way.'"

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