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Recruits provide their thoughts on Florida State's 2021 season

Commitments and targets discuss the Seminoles 2021 season.

Florida State's season ended over the weekend in Gainesville after the Seminoles fell short against Florida. Though the program was unable to attain a bowl game for the third time in the past four seasons, the team showed some positive flashes down the stretch. The fight was also encouraging as FSU never gave up despite coming out of the gate 0-4.

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The coaching staff will turn their focus to the recruiting trail and the transfer market until February. NoleGameday reached out to prospects across a multitude of classes to get their thoughts on Florida State and what the coaching staff is building in Tallahassee.

Check out what they had to say below.


QB AJ Duffy: “Year wasn’t exactly how we wanted it to go but the team battled and they started to come together, the culture of the team is molding and I can’t wait to be a part of it. I’m fired up to get out there and learn the offense and go play some ball!!!”

OL Kanaya Charlton: “It was a good learning year as we saw time and time again that we have what it takes to be an excellent football team. I plan on bringing all my skills and talent to help the team win.”

DE Aaron Hester: “I thought it was a good season, definitely a positive step in the right direction, I am bringing a championship mindset every day and so is my class.”


QB Chris Parson: “Year of ups and downs but I feel like FSU finished the season strong regardless of the loss. I love how we never gave up on the season, even when we were 0-4. A lot to look forward too.

I plan on bringing leadership and a winning mentality to help be a part in getting this program back to where it used to be. My focus is to keep getting better so I can be my best self once I get to Tallahassee.”

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QB Tyler Jefferson: “I honestly think this season showed what is happening at Florida State even though they didn’t finish the way they wanted to. You definitely saw that fight in them! I think it’s definitely something brewing in Tallahassee that’s going to be good in the near future.”

OL Roderick Kearney: “I feel like FSU has a lot of room for improvement especially with the new group of kids there getting next season.”

OL Kelton Smith: "I think it started off kinda rusty but down the season they got in their groove and got to work and finished strong. I think the coaches are great."

DL Darron Reed: “They are a great team and they started to come together at the end.”

DE Zakaih Saez: "We started off slow but finished strong and it looked like all the players were at least enjoying themselves and coach Norvell. It was a great season in my opinion."

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LB Troy Bowles: “They’ve improved a lot I can see a lot of good things coming from them in the future.”


DB Jordan Pride: “We’re going in the right direction, getting better and better getting back to the old Florida State. I plan on bringing my talent to help rebuild the program and try and help bring in more recruits like myself.”

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