Andrew Thomas Talks NFL Draft and Playing the Drums

Brooks Austin

Andrew Thomas started 41 games in three seasons at The University of Georgia, missing just the Sugar Bowl in 2019 after declaring for the NFL Draft, and the MTSU contest in 2018 after suffering a minor injury in the previous contest against South Carolina. 

A four-star prospect out of Pace Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, Thomas more than lived up to expectations as the nation's 42nd ranked player in the class of 2017. Now he and several others in the signing class of 2017 — D'Andre Swift, Jake Fromm, and Isaiah Wilson — will be entering the NFL Draft. 

Thomas spoke with's Connor Orr recently to discuss preparing for the Draft process, the best he played against in the SEC, and how an obsession for the classic movie Drumline ultimately helped him read and react to defenses. 

Q: Are you the best offensive lineman in the class: 

"Definitely, I’m a competitor, I want to be the best every day and I work hard. I feel like for the last three years, I’ve dominated in the SEC and I feel like I’m the best tackle in college right now."

He certainly dominated throughout his career in the SEC, though what was slightly surprising was how well he played as a true freshman on the 2017 team that ultimately lost in the national championship. Which goes to show you how quick of a study he is. 

From May 30th of 2017 when he enrolled at Georgia to September 2nd, he won the job at right tackle and then proceeded to become a member of every national All-Freshman team. Something that he credits to the defensive linemen he competed against early on at Georgia. 

When asked who was the best pass rusher he faced during his time in the SEC, Thomas replied: 

"When I first got there, blocking the guys on my own team like Lorenzo Carter or Davin Bellamy, those guys. But on the field, (former Auburn and current Rams linebacker) Jeff Holland during my freshman year and this year K'Lavon Chaisson from LSU. He has great length and his first step, he was so much quicker than some of the rushers I faced in the past and I had to get used to it."

OT, Andrew Thomas

Some may not know, but Andrew Thomas fancies himself a musician. The 6'5, 320-pound, soon to be first-round tackle is actually a first-class drummer as well. And it's something that he accredits to the movie Drumline: 

"Funny story, when I was in daycare my favorite movie was Drumline but it was rated PG-13 so I would have to have the daycare call my parents so they could let them know it was okay for me to watch it. That was my favorite movie growing up so I picked the drums."

His ability to play the drums and read and react to musical notes is something that Thomas told Connor Orr, translates to football: 

"It definitely does. When it comes to instruments it takes repetition and that’s the same thing with football and offensive line. It’s the same techniques over and over and drilling them into your head. Reading music is the same thing as recognizing plays. And one of the things we’d do in high school band was called a site read we would go to a concert and then we’d have to site read a piece of music we’d never seen before and react to it. It’s kind of like when you’re on the field and you see a play called but something happens that you’ve never seen before. You just gotta react to it."

Thomas, along with 9 other former Bulldogs, is in Indianapolis this week for the NFL Combine. We will have all the latest news and notes from the Dawgs performance at the Combine here on Bulldog Maven. 

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