Brock Vandagriff, Top QB in 2021 Talks Oklahoma, How Georgia Closes the Gap

The top-ranked QB in the 2021 class sat down with The Bulldog Maven to talk his commitment to Oklahoma and what it will take for Georgia to win him over.
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Brock Vandagriff is the nation's top-ranked quarterback in the 2021 class, and despite going to school at Prince Avenue just a mere 14 miles from Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia, the star QB is committed to play college ball at Oklahoma. 

Brock took the time to chat with The Bulldog Maven, not only about why he chose Oklahoma but why he isn't staying home and playing for the Georgia Bulldogs. 

Q: Let’s talk Playoffs. You come back from a knee injury and hang up 57 points on an ELCA team that had allowed just 3 points in their previous three games combined. How truly healthy were you in that game?  

“I think it was good. I think I felt pretty good. As close to 100% as I could have been. I sprained my MCL on the last play in the George Walton game. It was just my knee more than anything. We got a brace put on that, but I asked my dad if I could not wear it in that game because I felt like I was going to have to run a little bit more.” 

Q: What does that will to compete say about you as a football player? 

I don’t know. I wouldn't say it says too much. I felt like I owed it to the seniors because I had missed 6 weeks of practice and the last 4 games. As a competitor, if I was anywhere close to 100% I was going to play.” 

Q: What are your goals for your upcoming senior season at Prince Avenue? 

“I was talking to someone the other day and I think I’ve reached all of my personal goals. At this point the only goal is to win a state championship.” 

Q: Was your first love football? 

“I would say my first love was probably baseball. I think I was a little better at baseball when I was younger, but as I got older and got better at football my dad told me like ‘Look I think you’ve got a good shot of playing football at the next level’ So, 8th or 9th grade year it was all football.” 


Q: · Obviously you committed to Oklahoma back in June of this year, what is it about the Sooners that drew you in? 

"I would probably say the Lincoln Riley aspect and the offense. I was planning on staying close to home and playing in the SEC, but when they offered it was tough to overlook. They’ve had back to back Heismans and #1 overall draft picks. So, that’s what got the first visit out there and from watching film with him (Riley) I just kind of fell in love with that offense.” 

Q: What happens if Lincoln Riley leaves Oklahoma for the NFL?

“We’d have to see who they hire, but Kirby and Dan Mullen know that they are number two and three back to back if Lincoln Riley leaves. Because that’s probably why I’m going there, Lincoln Riley himself. You can be a product of the system there and be very successful. But when Kirby came to Prince Avenue last month I told him ‘Look if Lincoln Riley leaves, I’ll probably commit to Georgia the next week.” 

Q: How does Georgia miss out on the best player in the state that goes to high school less than 15 miles from Sanford Stadium? 

“Yea, I think throwing at Georgia and with my meetings I was getting close with them, the thing that deterred me from Georgia is just their offense. I gave it the chance they needed to prove themselves. They said it would be different, and it has been different under Coley, but it’s hard to see with Jake Fromm in there how they would use me.” 

Q: What could UGA do offensively for you to consider staying home and playing for the Dawgs? 

“Seeing the quarterback more involved and have the ability to run the ball. You see Jake Fromm back there and he’s got all day because that offensive line is freaking huge. But just kind of the zone-read stuff you see Oklahoma run with Jalen, and just more of the intermediate passing game. You see Georgia and it’s just bombs bombs bombs or screens. I like the intermediate stuff because I think that’s what makes you a next level passer.”  

Q: There’s been a lot of great QBs to come out of Georgia recently (Deshaun Watson, Jake Fromm, Justin Fields, Trevor Lawrence.) Where do you feel you rank in that discussion? 

“I’d honestly have to say I’m at the end of that list right now. I haven’t proved myself at the next level like those guys. I used to go to Woodward so I got to see Trevor Lawrence and Cartersville play us and Deshaun Watson at Gainesville, just watching those guys on Hudl is unbelievable.” 

Q: What kind of leader is Brock Vandagriff?

 “The leader that’s motive by wins. Whenever I’m out there the number one thing that’s on my mind is moving the chains, what’s best for the team. Someone who’s motivated in the weight room, motivated whenever we are training or practicing.” 

No matter what school Brock decides to represent in the near future one thing is for sure, he's on deck to be Georgia's next great QB from the state.