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Cade Mays talks Sugar Bowl, Doubters, and Matt Luke

Cade Mays spoke to the media today leading up to Wednesday's Sugar Bowl. He addressed those who are doubting the offensive line and talked about coach Matt Luke.

Cade Mays has been one of the more versatile offensive linemen in the country. This season he's played all five positions along the front. Add on top of that he's played tight end and even a little fullback this season, and you've got a big man that's in rare company. 

Today, he spoke to the media following Georgia's first practice here in New Orleans. He spoke to those that are doubting this new offensive line and the challenges that all the moving parts have created. 

When asked how comfortable the unit feels as a whole with all of the moving parts, Mays said: 

"You know it's something we've worked on all year. We've rotated in several different spots. So we've gotten those reps and we did a great job getting ready for this game." 

When asked if there was going to be any drop off at the tackle position with Mays filling in for Andrew Thomas and Jamaree Salyer filling in for Isaiah Wilson, Mays was adamant there's nothing to worry about. 

"I don't think so. Our offensive line group is really clicking well right now and we are running the ball well and protecting really well in practice." 

It goes without saying that over a thirteen game sample, offensive linemen inevitably build a certain sense of continuity with the guys next to them. However, when there's a shake-up in terms of rotation, it takes time to build that level of comfort. 

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Though, it's something that Mays and crew aren't too worried about: 

"I wouldn't say it's any different when playing right tackle or left tackle. It's all about keeping your footwork and being comfortable with your fits." 

And finally, we asked Cade Mays about new offensive line coach, Matt Luke and a smile erupted upon the face of the mountain of a man from Knoxville, Tennessee. 

When asked if the offensive line has gotten comfortable with Coach Luke, Mays said: 

"Absolutely. He's a great personality. A lot of energy out there on the field and he definitely knows his stuff. He's giving us great pointers out there." 

Mays spoke about those doubting this Georgia offensive line headed into the Sugar Bowl, and apparently it's something that coach Luke and the offensive line group as a whole have discussed: 

"He told us that everybody is doubting us. You know, we have some guys that aren't here right now but the guys that are here are being doubted. So, why not go out and play great? This is a great opportunity to go out and prove what we can do."