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Sugar Bowl: Georgia Set to Play Without Tyler Clark and Brian Herrien

The Bulldogs are set to take on the seventh-ranked Baylor Bears in this year's edition of the Sugar Bowl without two seniors, Tyler Calrk and Brian Herrien.

As the Georgia Bulldogs arrived in New Orleans today the number one thing on Georgia fans' minds was who was and who wasn't going to be playing come Wednesday in the Sugar Bowl. 

We knew that Isaiah Wilson and Andrew Thomas weren't going to be playing in the bowl game due to the fact that they have already declared for the 2020 NFL Draft. We also knew Ben Cleveland would not be playing due to an academic issue. 

However, what was unclear was whether or not seniors like Brian Herrien and Tyler Clark would be playing. Today, Kirby Smart's press conference pretty much answered those questions. 

Here's how that exchange took place...

 Q: Is Brian Herrien here, Coach?  

Smart: We're going to focus on the players playing in the game.

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Q: What about Tyler Clark? 

Smart: We're going to focus on the players playing in the game.

So, that pretty much seals it up there. Both Herrien and Clark will be out for the bowl game now bringing the total to five key contributors missing the contest as of now, with four of those coming on the offensive end. 

D'Andre Swift's health status is a serious question as well. He's made it clear that he will try to play on Wednesday, and he's been a full participant at practice from what Smart has told the media. Then again, the same was the case for the SEC Championship game as well. It is to be determined to say the least. 

One could understand why coach Smart is somewhat fed up with the questions surrounding the availability of his players. With all of the commotion since the SEC Championship game loss, one could also understand Smart wanting to shut out the media. 

It's also understandable to question whether or not this is the future of college football, at least for the Georgia program. It appears that if the Dawgs aren't playing in a college football playoff game, they will have to wonder just how many starters and key players they will inevitably be without. 

It's seemingly turned into an extended spring practice period. Smart has raved about the open level of competition at practice and several positions are simply up for grabs headed into the final game of the season.