D.J. Shockley Discusses Transfers, His Time at Georgia, and Replacing a Legend

Blayne Gilmer

D.J. Shockley is and always will be a beloved Bulldog. It is well documented that Shockley, despite being tremendously talented and highly recruited prospect, had to wait four years to start for the Dawgs. When he did become the starter for Georgia he helped to lead them to an SEC Championship in 2005 over LSU.

Combine Shockley's various experiences at the University of Georgia with his current role as an analyst, and there are not many, if any, out there that have a better pulse on the game today and the personnel situations that occur now thanks to the NCAA Transfer Portal. 

In the interview, D.J. discusses the nature of how transfers occur today, especially at the quarterback position, and how that would have impacted him if it had been in place while he was at Georgia. 

Shockley also shares about his mindset and attitude throughout his time as a Bulldog, including his quest to earn playing time and the respect of his teammates. Finally, from both the view of a former Dawg and an analyst, Shockley chimes in on Georgia's upcoming quarterback competition, what he would like to see out of the offense next season, how that will be impacted by the addition of Matt Luke to the staff, and of course the career and decision to declare early by Jake Fromm.

There's one former Georgia quarterback that is uniquely qualified to speak to what it means to replace a legendary player in a guy like David Greene. With Jake Fromm now gone, Shockley shares his thoughts on what the future of the position at Georgia looks like. 

Hear the entirety of D.J.'s answers in the video above.

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Brooks Austin
Brooks Austin


DJ is one of my favorite people in the media today. 100% through and through. His genuineness is present in everything he does, including this interview!