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Ed Orgeron Takes a Subtle Shot at the Georgia Bulldogs

Ed Orgeron spoke to the media prior to the CFP matchup between the LSU Tigers and the Oklahoma Sooners, and he took a subtle shot at the Georgia Bulldogs.

LSU head coach, Ed Orgeron spoke rather highly of the Georgia Bulldogs prior to the SEC Championship game during his media availability sessions. Saying that Georgia was the most physical team they will have played all season.

"This is the most physical team we’ve played. I think this is the most complete team on both lines of scrimmage, on the offensive line and defensive line. They like to hit. They play fast."

After those comments, the Tigers went on to route Georgia (37-10) in the SEC Championship Game, and needless to say, the result has changed Orgeron's opinion on the Dawgs. 

When the LSU coach spoke to the media this week leading up to the College Football Playoff matchup against Oklahoma, Orgeron was asked who were the best teams that the Tigers have played this season. 

And herein lies the subtle shot directed at Georgia, or perhaps it was just a mere oversight. Nonetheless, a shot. 

"Who’s the best team we’ve played? I’ve got to say Alabama. Alabama, Auburn, Florida. Those three guys were very good."

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It should be stated that when you simply look at the results of those games, Georgia was a considerably easier opponent. In fact, LSU beat Georgia by 27 points, they won the three contest Orgeron mentioned by a combined 22 points. 

So, whether or not he meant it as a shot to the SEC East champions, he is absolutely correct. Georgia wasn't one of the tougher opponents LSU had this season, and quite frankly they weren't really in the conversation. 

QB, Joe Burrow celebrates a TD against Texas. 

QB, Joe Burrow celebrates a TD against Texas. 

Texas played them closer, Mississippi State did, Ole Miss, hell even Arkansas kept it within the 27 point margin that Georgia lost by. 

The transitive property is not something that you typically want to use when comparing football teams, especially college football teams because there is such a high level of variance on Saturday's. However, the fact is that from opening kick to final whistle LSU was the least bit entertained by the Georgia Bulldogs. 

They never gave up a lead, they allowed Georgia a mere one score and that didn't occur until the fourth quarter when the game was already out of hand. Now, was Georgia anywhere near a healthy football team? No, and they still aren't.